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Financial Counseling

Outreach and education are key objectives for the ACC Mortgage staff.

Financial counseling services are provided with the goal of helping current and potential customers develop and maintain responsible financial and borrowing practices. By providing technical assistance to borrowers, ACC Mortgage helps to ensure the individual’s ability to successfully obtain and utilize financing and to understand and adhere to required elements of a loan.

ACC Mortgage’s investment is not simply in being repaid its financing, but also in seeing its customers attain their goals and use the funding available to them in the most effective way possible.

ACC Mortgage maintains active involvement with customers and has a hands-on approach to each borrower from initial inquiry through loan servicing. All prospective borrowers receive individualized support from a loan officer who works with them during all stages of the application and lending process.

ACC Mortgage works closely with potential borrowers and loan officers provide every customer with a thorough financial review and customized loan options to meet the specific needs of the borrower.

Individualized counseling ensures that each applicant receives the appropriate type of support which can range from continued one-on-one counseling or referral to a more specialized service provider that can address a particular interest or deficiency.