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Second Chance Purchase Program

With 10+ years of experience in lending that betters the financial position of our customers, ACC Mortgage is very successful in offering and closing loans that no one else can. Our unique lending philosophy - superior service, a complete financial review, and bettering the financial position of the borrower and the community - has allowed us to close billions of dollars in loans.

Second Chance Program Highlights

  • Up To 80% Ltv
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Full Doc Only-43% DTI
  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure And Short Sales Are Ok
  • Deferred Maintenance Is Acceptable On Purchases
  • Up To 7% Seller Help Allowed
  • Gift Funds Are Acceptable
  • Need 2 Months PITI Post-Closing
  • May Consider 1st Time Homebuyer With Larger Down Payment

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.

Same day approvals and closing within 10 business days of appraisal order.