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Recently Funded Loans

An inherited property needed extensive repair and a sibling needed to be bought out by an ACC Mortgage customer with outstanding judgments and student loans. The ACC loan allowed this customer to make repairs that significantly increased the value of the inherited property, paid off his outstanding debts, and increased his credit scores by 80 points in 4 months.

Needing to close a deal very quickly, this ACC Mortgage Customer paid cash to purchase a property. However, he also needed to recoup some of that cash quickly for other projects. ACC Mortgage was able to underwrite financing on the property quickly, giving the customer a mortgage and providing him with a large portion of the cash he had paid for the property.

The loss of a spouse and job within a 2 month span left this ACC Mortgage customer with seriously damaged credit while she grieved and sought employment. Back at work our customer was still unable to get her financial life back on track. ACC Mortgage provided her with a loan, and 5 months later she was able to refinance into a Fannie Mae loan with increased credit scores and financial stability.

When traditional lenders would not lend to a contractor with a growing business he approached ACC Mortgage. Averaging $40,000 a month in revenue but unable to secure a loan for debt consolidation and equipment needed for business expansion he needed to restructure his finances. ACC Mortgage closed the loan for him allowing his business to expand, improving cash flow and increasing his credit scores.

Short on cash and with several halted projects this real estate developer was about to lose one of his properties to foreclosure. ACC Mortgage refinanced his home and a commercial business, providing him with cash to move his projects forward and save his at-risk properties.

A real estate investor needing to refinance his balloon loan on a 3-unit property quickly closed with ACC Mortgage in 12 days, start to finish.

A loan from ACC Mortgage for debt consolidation and home improvements results in an FHA refinance 6 months later. The borrower was able to make the her father's home handicap-accessible and consolidate her debt. Half a year later, with substantially increased credit scores she qualified for FHA financing.

Even with 740+ credit scores a real estate investor looking to purchase, rehab and sell a property was unable to secure financing. ACC Mortgage provided a No Doc, 70% loan-to-value deal. Within 6 months the borrower had rehabbed the property and sold it, resulting in a $50,000 profit.

Leveraging the primary residence and a commercial building ACC Mortgage provided a $400,000 loan to a doctor to cover tax liens and debt in active collection status. Six months after closing, the borrower's credit scores jumped over 100 points, allowing a refinance into a conventional mortgage.

A credit score of less than 520 and multiple lates on the existing mortgage because of a divorce situation made traditional lending options unavailable. ACC Mortgage was able to approve a mortgage loan, allowing the property buy-out that both parties were seeking.