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Recently Funded Loans

Refinancing a beach house was through ACC Mortgage was a smart strategy for this customer. The refinance allowed this customer to access the equity in their second home to prevent foreclosure on their primary residence.

ACC Mortgage recently completed a refinance on a property held by an LLC. Using funds made available by the refinance the investors were able to purchase an additional investment property.

While in the US on a student visa a foreign national was able to fulfill the American Dream of home ownership by purchasing a bank-owned property with a mortgage from ACC Mortgage.

The owner/operator of an adult care facility needed to improve cash flow to complete updates and improvements to the facility. ACC Mortgage funded and closed a full debt consolidation and cash-out, allowing the owner to improve his property and his cash flow.

Wishing to buy out another heir's share of an estate, this client contacted ACC Mortgage for help. The estate share was purchased, and the client's credit scores increased significantly as the ACC Mortgage loan allowed him to re-establish and clean up his credit.

A commercial loan underwritten by ACC Mortgage paid off a land installment contract and established a mortgage, allowing the customer to refinance the property with their local bank six months later.

Popular with locals and tourists alike, this Key Largo restaurant & bar needed financing to pay off a balloon note. ACC Mortgage was able to approve and establish a commercial loan with terms that made sense for this Florida business.

The long-time bank of an astute and experienced businessman would not provide him with a short-term bridge loan. The owner and developer of several multi-million dollar beach homes, this customer needed a short-term cash loan while he marketed and sold the properties he had developed. ACC Mortgage provided him with the necessary capital, and was able to keep the loan to value under 40%.

An internationally known, Grammy-nominated pop star needed financing to complete remodeling on a home. ACC Mortgage provided the necessary mortgage quickly, the remodel is finished, and a national bank will be re-financing the loan. The pop star and the home will soon be featured on MTV Cribs.

A $1,000,000 loan funded for a former professional athlete and his investment group. Secured by commercial real estate, ACC mortgage completed a 2nd trust loan, blanketing several properties with cash to the borrowers in 17 days.